We are told that buildings account for around 40% of the carbon we generate as a society. VIEW58 does more than it’s fair share to reduce that and will save as much as 33 tonnes of carbon per year. VIEW58 draws on the latest designs and some clever materials and technologies to drive down carbon emissions and – most importantly – to reduce operating costs by more than 25%, creating tangible economic value for occupiers.


However, starting from the very initial concept stage, the developers and design team have embraced the philosophy that buildings are something more than just bricks and mortar, more than just carbon generators. A holistic view on sustainability and the built environment has resulted in a fully integrated vision rather than token features and marketing spin, a vision that helps make a real impact and helps achieve corporate goals for all stakeholders. A space where you actually want to come to work, space that raises staff satisfaction, retention, and creativity, and helps release the full potential of your business.


After all, buildings not only account for 40% of the carbon we generate, but also they are where we spend 99% of our time.


Responsible Real Estate

Part of Responsible Real Estate means rethinking the development, construction and operation of the building in order to minimise its whole-life impact on the environment.


The development team were continually challenged to make sure that the features included generate positive long-term benefits rather than just being included to achieve certification.


For example, from very early stages the team worked hand in hand with the lighting manufacturer to develop a bespoke LED light fitting. Over 400 of these fittings are installed within VIEW58. By taking a collaborative approach we’ve managed to achieve the same light performance at the same initial cost of a standard fluorescent fitting. You will benefit from significant savings over the long term from both lower energy consumption and greatly reduced regular maintenance given their 50,000 hour life.


On the roof there are over 120 square metres of high efficiency solar photovoltaic panels. Using the latest innovations, our panels generate electricity on the underside as well as the top, increasing the amount of electricity they produce. Each panel produces more than 62.5 kWh per year and over 36­0 W of peak output. At 22% efficiency, these panels may well be the most productive solar panels ever installed in London.


Once built, the building will have a significant element of intelligent monitoring. Systems will allow highly accurate real time monitoring of heating, lighting, water consumption, and waste generation, as well as overall carbon production. Helping to keep you informed on your corporate sustainability goals.


Not only will the building have ample bike storage and showers for tenants, but it will also provide dedicated guest cycle racks at the entrance to promote the use of bikes by visitors. The nearest cycle hire station is to the rear of the property. The owners have actively promoted Transport for London’s Cycle Superhighway, which passes right in front of VIEW58.


We are firm believers in using real estate as a force for good. Prior to construction, we created a Charity Hub in the building, opening it up to more than 20 charitable organisations. The building won an FT Urban Ingenuity award as a result. Similar principles have been applied to the construction process, where we supported a number of opportunities for helping people get training to develop construction skills.


This fresh vision is good for VIEW58, and ultimately good for your business.

Intelligent Building Management System

LED lighting

Combined Heat and Power Plant

BREEAM Excellent

Showers and changing facilities

Grey water recycling

Recycled materials

CO2 savings

Integrated waste facilities


Solar Photovoltaic Panels

Bus Transport

The use of recycled materials throughout

Cutting edge communications systems

Flexible spaces

Green Roof to support local ecology

Building Fabric